to tahoe we go

I went camping at Lake Tahoe last week, and I didn't get eaten by bear or start a forest fire (you're welcome, Smokey). So success, right?

We arrived super late and managed to set up our rented tent (which only smelled a little like pee) in the dark. Go us! I was slightly terrified we were going to get mauled by wild animals in our sleep. The stars were pretty, plentiful, and distracting though, so I got over it. And I repeat, I didn't get eaten by a bear—phewwww.



Matt, Christina, and I got to go pedal boating and paddle boarding. I totally get the Keep Tahoe Blue campaign, now. Mannnnn, that water is clear!



Matt got to bust out his boy scout skills and build us a campfire. Oh, and there were s'mores. yummm.


We hiked, too. Matt made some friends with ducks, and Christina climbed every rock and tree she could find.  


Good times were had by all, even this little chipmunk. We got our fill of nature and headed back to SF.  



photography by Meredith McClarty (except the photos that I'm in—those were taken by 
Matthew Vincenty and Christina Sanders!)